Dokuro records: nuove uscite

DK018 - Stefan Kushima - Pshyco sexual factor C20

Wien artist Stefan Kushima (also in projects like Cruise Family and Easy Rider) have done to Dokuro two amazing tracks of sonic inundation.
Blades of synths and moaning guitars grows up into a reboant whirlpool on the title track "Psycho sexual factor".
Contorted voice mantra collide upon a dramatic drone organ on the B side, "Saucer Eye". Amazing!
Ltd to 50 copies. Absolute insane artwork by Merlo

DK019 - Green Mine - Pangea/ Baobab C22

Second release on dokuro by Green Mine, noisy ambient alterego of visual artist Emanuele Kabu.
Pangea is an hymn for the lost Nature made of sparkling omnichord counterpoints on sidereal melancholy and ritual percussions. BaoBab reveal the most elegiac side of Green Mine with a wonderful progression of organ chords melted on a moltitude of synth bubbles.
Pangea is also a video, please check it on link side.
Ltd to 50 copies, artwork by Emanuele Kabu.

DK020 - Mike Shiflet - Gutter Divas C44

Dokuro is very glad to host another pearl from Ohio electronic magister Mike Shiflet.
Gutter Divas is a clattery tide of sonic detritus and rotating waves in escalation, a formidable example of sound that become a tactile experience.
B side "They don't have the heart to tell you" is a contemplative piece of extended tones, once again comes out all the ability in frequencies surgery of Mr Shiflet
ltd editon of 70 pro dub cassette. Glamorous artwork by Merlo.

- 22-9-2010

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