Goaty Tapes: nuove uscite

Apostille "Perpetual Dirt"

Recorded in Nunhead. Michael Kasparis aka Apostille, trance-pop zombie and kind-eyed record clerk blow-up doll, drifts between industrial sub-circuits: afflicted synth-pop, grim beats, dour night-stalker energies, electro-punk steamers.

He plays synthesizers like felt-tipped markers, bending the tedium of minimal synth into figure eights and stussy Sís. Keyboards bleed into each other, kick drums blister, melodies dry. Some parts remind me of jabbing a magic marker into the table and watching ink run and crust over.

Apostille sings too, like someone who finds it amusing. There are definitely some pretty raw and dark moments here; London remains a grey and unrelenting shit hole. But I also hear something vaguely farcical, like heís deflecting some seriousness for the sake of the groove.


* * *

Paul Salveson - Reverse Passage

I made this book with Paul Salveson and Gabe Gonzalez in Burbank, California. Paul made the sculptures, assembled from prosaic junk and cereal grain compounds. Gabe handled the printer like a boss, crazy respect right there. I hung around and read Gabeís comics.

Thereís a dubious illusion to these prints. Paulís sculptures almost hide behind their pages, meeting Gabeís facture halfway. At times I donít know if Iím looking at the sculptures or the paper, reproduced textures or the textures of reproduction. 20 pictures total, including an index page. Flours: pearl millet, finger millet, buckwheat, barley, whole wheat, chickpea. Other: wood, nails, wire, concrete, wood glue, inkjet print, wicker.

* * *


- 8-1-2014

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