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Danny Norbury - Light In August

For me the urge to write music happens very rarely, and the desire to record what has been written is rarer still.

Listening to these pieces now is like rereading an old diary - feelings of wonder, of sadness, of excitement, of falling in love.
A recording is a document, and certainly for me this music is a memory of a time that has passed. I am happy it is getting a second life on flau! - Danny Norbury

In this reissue edition, we are delighted to include gorgeous bonus tracks, including his first ep 'Dusk' (from Static Caravan, 2006)
and closing track 'Fragment 2' (from 'Bluebeard' Wist Rec, 2012).

* * *

IKEBANA - When You Arrive There Remixes

The album 'When You Arrive There' that IKEBANA has done in June remixed by wonderful artists
feat. Matthewdavid, El Fog, Sakaimasayuki & Sigh Society, James McNew (Yo La Tengo / Dump), Buffalo Daughter,
Danny Norbury and aus. There is a lot of style like psychedelic, classical, beats, ambient and rock,
but we can feel it's just alternative color of IKEBANA in the mirror.


* * *

Cuushe - Butterfly Case

We’re ecstatic to announce Cuushe's Butterfly Case LP edition early 2014 with US based record label Dilated Time Records.
“Butterfly Case” by Cuushe is releasing on Limited Edition Color-in-color vinyl/2LP set and available for pre-order now.

* * *

Ulises Conti - Atlas

Ulises Conti is one of the Argentine composers with the most potential and international projection considering
his powerful and inspiring work. Atlas collects what could be considered Ulises Conti’s most distinguished
recording works throughout his 10-year solo career. The selection reveals a great sound display that generates
musical spaces and landscapes of a beauty that is unusual in today’s scene,
which stresses the timbral element (piano, French horn, viola, lap steel, etc.)

* * *


- 8-1-2014

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