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What is the Sex handbook?

The Sex handbook is a reference book designed to explore the subject of sex and sexuality in a straightforward, accessible and adventurous way. Designed as a guide, the book will explain everything you want to know about conventional and unconventional sexual behaviour in straightforward language with bold visuals. A wealth of information will be balanced with practical advice and personal quotes.

The book presumes little and the tone is direct. Sex Handbook avoids the usual stigma attached to sex manuals by having a detached, editorial approach which packs gritty sex between beautiful contemporary graphics. The visual style is more magazine than DIY manual, so it avoids stereotypical 'how to' associations and is as at home on the coffee table as it is by the bedside.

The book is designed to be user friendly. It is a reference book which allows the reader to dip in and out of desired subjects. A detailed index at the front allows easy access to topics of interest. Subjects are linked to each other and cross referenced so that the book becomes a useful working manual. Sound bites of sex information, quotes, quizzes from sex therapists, and weird and wonderful sexbits will keep the momentum going. There will be tips on hygiene and safety all the way through the book. At the back of the book is a huge directory of advice lines, suggested reading and web addresses.
Covering everything from cross dressing to celibacy, Sex Handbook speaks plainly and openly about sex.


The book is gender neutral and avoids being in any way prescriptive. It has information for everyone regardless of age or sexual orientation. The objective tone and contemporary attitude will make this book as appealing to men as it is to women.

This book is for you if you want to...

a.. Ask questions about sex but find it embarrassing
b.. Improve your sexual skills
c.. Explore your sexuality
d.. Understand what women want
e.. Know what men like
f.. Get pregnant or find out about fertility and contraception
g.. Enjoy sex as an older person
h.. Experiment sexually
i.. Sort out sexual difficulties
j.. Find out where to buy sex toys
k.. Surf safely for cybersex

Authors and Contributors

The main authors will be Mel Agace, Suzi Godson and Ann Marie Gardner.
Mel Agace and Suzi Godson run a successful design group in London called Unlimited. They have art directed cookbooks for Le Caprice and the Ivy. In 1998 they joined with 5 women to write the successful and influential book 'Women Unlimited' A DIY guide to Life with Penguin (Sales to date 33,100 UK ). They subsequently wrote related columns for Marie Claire, Bare, mother and Baby magazine and the Independent newspaper.

Mel Agace is currently Contributing Editor of GQ magazine and Suzi Godson has co-authored the just published Eat Up with Mark Hix (Fourth Estate - sales 47,000). Suzi Godson is married and has three kids so she has had sex 3 times. Mel Agace is single and saying nothing.

Ann Marie Gardner is currently the Beauty/Lifestyle Director at W Magazine in the US and formerly the Beauty & Health Director at Tatler in London. She has written about health care for The Economist and Scripts Pharmaceutical. Her freelance writing has covered subjects as diverse as malaria, the UK health care system, anti-aging science and the world's best spas.

This small central team will produce and edit the book but the research will be drawn from a wider demographic of individuals. In collaboration with GQ magazine and the best web sites around the world we will be e-mailing detailed questionnaires to their readers as an integral part of our research as well as wide reach of the best web sites in the world on related sexual issues. A team of UK and US doctors, psychologists and sex specialists will both advise and edit the material.

The 'Sex Handbook' Contents
a.. Chapter One - The Body: Anatomy, Female, Male . Sex on the Brain, Hormones, Pheromones, Desire and Attraction, The Penis and Testicles, Penis size, Soft, Erect, Facts about the penis, Unwanted erections, Interviews, Men talk about size, Women talk about size . Foreskins, Circumcision, Castration, Penis piercing, Penis tattoos, How to draw attention to the penis, Testicles .

The Vagina and Clitoris, Size and shape - different examples, Facts about the vagina and clitoris , Circumcision, Piercing, Tattoos . Interviews, Women talk about size and shape, Men talk about size and shape .

b.. Chapter Two Masturbation: Forward by . Masturbation for a man, Stimulating the Penis, Rubbing, Stroking, Thrusting, Inserting, Slapping/beating, Sensations, What you will feel, Lubrication . Alternative techniques, Auto Fellatio, Props , The role of fantasy, Climax, Watching a man masturbate, Tips from men . Masturbation for women Techniques, Stimulating the Clitoris, Fingers, Rubbing, Stroking, Inserting . Dildos & Props, Sizes and types available,
Sensations, What you will feel, Techniques . Alternative techniques, The G spot, Simultaneous anal stimulation , Lubricants, The role of Fantasy, Climax, Watching a woman masturbate, Masturbation for older people Interviews .
Masturbation for the disabled, Interviews . Mutual Masturbation, Positions , Simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation , Controlling climax . Tips from the Sex Industry . Did You Know, Interesting cultural, religious or philosophical references. .

c.. Chapter 3 - Foreplay: Sexual Chemistry, Body Language . Kissing , Touch, Taste and Smell, Colour, Asethetics the importance . Erogenous Zones of The Body , Earlobes and Eyelids, Breasts, Toes . Erotic Massage . Physical signs of Arousal , Reading the signs, Wetness, Erection, Managing physical signs, Difficulties . Bodily Fluids , Consistency, Taste, Calorie content, Lifespan .
Interviews, Desire, Attraction, Interviews, Fantasy, Interviews, Making the first move, Sensations and emotions, Lust/love . Breast stimulation , Facts about the breasts, Different types of breasts, Breast health . Arousal techniques, With mouth, With hands, With breasts, Arousal with implants , Arousal after breast feeding, Massage tips . How to give a man a hand job, The most sensitive areas are, Male Arousal, Contact, Lubrication, Other Techniques,
Tips, Climax, Post ejaculation, Kegel exercises, TIPS what men want from a Hand Job . How to masturbate a woman , Hygiene and Safety, Positions, Lubrication, Techniques, Simultaneous anal penetration, Simultaneous breast stimulation, Pace, Climax, Using props, How can she help, What to do if you get hand cramps, Tips from women on masturbation . How to give a man a Blow Job, Positions, Techniques, Lubrication, Extras, Pace . Deep throat and how not to gag , To
swallow or not to swallow, What makes a good Blow Job . Oral Sex Hygiene . Oral Sex Saftey . How to stimulate the anus, Positions, Techniques, Using fingers, Using props, Rimming, Stimulating the prostate, Stimulating the perineum, Tips from men and women, Safety and Hygiene . Exercises for the anus, How to give a woman Cunnilingus, Safety and Hygiene, Taste and smell, During menstruation, Lubrication , Positions, Pressure, Sensitivity, Speed, Licking, sucking and playing, Simultaneous breast stimulation . G spot stimulation, Stimulating the perineum, How to avoid beard burn, How she can help, Tips, Controling Orgasm, Clitoral orgasm, Combined penetrative orgasm, Multiple orgasm, Post orgasm .
Positions, Docking, 69, Position Tips, Fist fucking, Position Tips, General Safety and Hygiene , First Aid . Interviews, Men's Tips for Men, Men's Tips for Women, Women's Tips for Women , Interviews, Women's Tips for Men . Tips from the Sex Industry . Did You Know, Interesting cultural, religious or philosophical references. .

d.. Chapter 4 - Penetration: Penetration , Missionary, On top, Rear entry, Standing, Sitting, Hitting the G spot, Alternative options, Simultaneous
internal and, external stimulation, Using props for enhanced orgasm , Different cultural norms, Anal sex . Sustaining Energy , Controlling erection, Controlling ejaculation, Hot talk , General Hygiene and Safety . Tips from the Sex Industry . Did You Know, Interesting cultural, religious or philosophical references. .

e.. Chapter 5 - Orgasm: The facts , Types of orgasm, Multiple orgasm, How to make it last, Kegel Exercises . , Problems with orgasm , What to try, Where to go for help . Interviews with men, Interviews, and women . The Female Orgasm , What to expect, Biological, Psychological . The difference between clitoral, and
penetrative orgasm, G- spot orgasm, Multiple orgasm, Ejaculation, After-effects, Tips from women , Female ejacualtion - `U spot1 . The Male Orgasm , What to expect, Biological, Psychological, Importance of climax, Tips from men, Multiple orgasm , Blue balls, Ejaculation, After-effects . Simultaneous orgasm, How to time it, How to tell, How to prolong, After play, post orgasm - what happens, How to recharge immedately, Tips from men and women . Tips from the Sex Industry
. Did You Know, Interesting cultural, religious or philosophical references. .

f.. Chapter 6 - Games: Sex props, A to Z of props and how to use them , Shaving, Vibrators, Dildos and strap-ons', Dolls and do they work, Props that might hurt, Handcuffs/restraints, Blindfolds and masks, Love Eggs, Household Items, Cages, Whips, Water . Sex Games , Mile high club - trains, cars, boats, Bondage, Domination, Cross dressing, Golden Showers, Scatological delights, Tantric sex, Orgies and swinging - where this happens, Interviews with swingers and orgy regulars, S&M, Sex Clubs, Sex lines, Pornography - Legal online &
offline, Voyeurism, Three's company, Fetishism, Perversion, Animals . Dangerous Games , Auto Asphyxiation . Body Piercing , Where to get it done, Infections and removal . Dressing for Sex, Sexy lingerie, Rubber, Uniforms, A guide to Lingerie, What suits you, Shopping . Sex shops & Online, Mail order, Anne Summers Parties . Tips from the Sex Industry . Did You Know, Interesting cultural, religious or philosophical references. .

g.. Chapter 7 - Sexuality: Children and Teenagers , Sexual awareness in children, Anatomical changes, in pubescent boys, in pubescent girls, Emotional changes in, in pubescent boys, in pubescent girls . Common myths , Viginity & What to expect, Sex during menstruation, Girls talk, Interviews . The role of
Fantasy , Lubrication . Menstruation, Virginity, Teenage preganacy, What you should know . Sexual arousal , Erections, Wet dreams, Sexual fantasies and thoughts . Interviews , Young men and women discussInterviews, Attitudes, Expectations, Anxieties . Interviews, From puberty to old age, men and women discuss . Gender Identity, Sexuality, Heterosexuality , Lesbianism, Bisexuality,
Homosexuality, Transvestism, Axsexuality, Coming Out, Who to talk to, Tips on how to approach it, Where to go for help, Interviews . Sex Changes, Male to female1, Female to male, The operations and what to expect, Interviews, Sex with a Sex Change, Tips from the Sex Industry . Did You Know, Interesting cultural, religious or philosophical references. .

h.. Chapter 8 - Sex Life: Sex to get pregnant , Common problems, Where to go with difficulties . Infertility, treatments available, Tips from couples . Sex when pregnant, Tips from couples . Sex after pregnancy , What to expect, Sex following a caesarean, Tips from couples . Sex with kids around , Tips from couples . Sex and the menopause, Tips from couples . Sex for the elderly , Tips from couples . Sex with a Disability , Tips from men and women, Sex in
Cyberspace, How to surf safely, How to conduct youyrself safely, How to sell yourself on line, how to forfill your fantasy online . Dating agencies, What to check, Where to go for help . Flirting, Tips from women and men . Dating, tips from women and men . Romance, tips from women and men . Mismatched sex drives, what to do .

i.. Chapter 9 - Health, Beauty and Sex: Physical Sexual Problems, General checkups for men and women, General hygiene for men and women, Loss of libido, Anxiety, Erection difficulties, Getting one, Maintaining one, Premature ejaculation, Retrograde ejaculation, Inhibited orgasm, Problems with female arousal, Vaginal Dryness, Vaginal farts, Painful intercourse, Sperm production, Prostate problems, Urinary problems . Contraception , A - Z of Contraception,
Emergency contraception . Condoms, Quick guide to usinga condom . Sexually Transmitted Diseases Venereal diseases - a complete guide, What to look for, Testing, What to expect, Treatment . HIV , Terrence HigginsTrust 2, Testing positive, Latest treatments, Sex when HIV positive, Aids . Sex and Surgery, Penis Enlargement, Breast augmentation, Vaginal tightening, Prosthetics, Steroids, Finding a specialist, Questions to ask, What to expect . Sex & Drugs , Dept of Health, The effect drugs have on sexual function, Cocaine, Ecstasy,
Alcohol, New drugs . Viagra , Female Viagra, Problems what to do, Nutrition , Vitamins and recommended foods, A - Z of Aphrodisiacs . The 7 day sex diet , Food Tips . Beauty, Exfoliation, Skin, Body beautiful - scrubs, Hair removal, Waking, Anti cellulite . Vaginal and anal decoration, Anus bleeching, Pubic dye, Scents, Spots, Rashes, A-Z Hoeopathic treatments, Energy & Fitness , How fitness
helps, Biological peaks and troughs, Sexual fitness for older people, Exercises, Sexual energy, Techniques and stamina, Pelvic floor excericises . Tips from the Sex Industry . Did You Know, Interesting cultural, religious or philosophical references. .

j.. Chapter 10 - Confidence: Communication skills , Telepathy, Tips, Getting what you want, Sexual differences . Libido , Differences in sexual drive, Tips on how to increase it, Problems with libido, What to do, Sexual confidence, Sex appeal . Body Image, Dispelling the myths, Self esteem, Size, Confidence, Tips from men and women . Sex Therapy , Sexual Difficulties, Performance anxiety, Problems with intimacy, Frigidity, Depression, Stress, Where to go for help .
Sex Addiction, What is it, What to do about it, Where to go for help, Signs . Getting out of the sex industry, Where to go for help . Tips from the Sex Industry . Did You Know, Interesting cultural, religious or philosophical references. .

k.. Chapter 11 - Sex and the Law: Sex and the Law, What's legal and what's not round the world Homosexuality, Discrimination, Commercial sex, Cybersex .
Sexual Assault, Rape, The Law, Where to go for help, How the police can help . Sexual abuse , Incest, How to detect it and what to do, Where to go for help, What to do if you are the abuser, Where to go for help . Escort agencies , What you should know, Prostitution - things to be aware of, Safety and hygiene . Sex
in Cyberspace , Pornography on the net, The Law, How to protect your children online, Tips from the Sex Industry . Did You Know, Interesting cultural, religious or philosophical references. .

l.. Chapter 12 -A to Z of Sex: A -Z of Sexual Terms , A-Z of Adult Entertainment, A-Z of Erotic Literature, A-Z of Sex Magazines, Directory .
Helplines, Reading, Websites .


Part 1: The body - male and female


Q1: What do you feel about your own body now:

Q2: Have you always felt confident about your body.
Please try and be specific?

Q3: What message(s) did you have about your body when you were younger?


Part 2: Masturbation


Q4: Considering your first experience with masturbation, how did you learn?

Q5: What sex props do you use with masturbation, and how do you use them?

Q6: How does fantasy play a role in masturbating?

Q7: Do you like being watched whilst masturbating and why?


Part 3: Personal


a.. Are you Male: or Female:

b.. How old are you:

c.. My email address:

d.. If you are credited for any item(s), please indicate how you would like the acknowledgement to appear:

Eg: Sandra King from London, UK

by maxxx - 28-4-2001

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